The Impact of Samaadhaan has been tremendous. We let the numbers speak. The following number of citizens have already collaborated with the government to make the world a better place to live in:

Koraput -- 1897

Kalahandi -- 650

Mozambique -- 450

Sehore -- 13,000

 Here are a few scenarios where Samaadhaan changed the lives of citizens at the grass-root level, working with the government.

Win over Darkness

Tentuliguda is a small village in Koraput Tehsil in Koraput District of Odisha State, India. A dark village, that had electricity only on paper. Geographical remoteness and costs kept villagers from doing anything about it. Samaadhaan and the district collector became instrumental for the villagers to finally bring in light into their lives. Tentuliguda has power, the foundation of progress. It can now walk at par with the rest of the nation.

Progress With Education

Bandhia Guda has 56 households. The nearest primary school was located 2 kilometres away in a neighbouring village. The children had to cross a very unsafe stream to reach school.  In November 2011, villagers registered their grievance through Samaadhaan using the state toll-free number. The DPED department immediately  sanctioned the project to start a primary school in Bandhia Guda village. The children now get education in their own village, safe and happy.

Bringing women's health first


Kesinga village is almost invisible to the rest of the world because of its remote location. The primary health center was also not equipped to manage pre-natal care, deliveries or post-birth complications. The women had to travel kilometers just for basic gyneac care. This changed after the villagers worked with the local government body, and a specialist gyneacologist started visiting the village regularly. A change that saved so many lives!

Towards Freedom from Malaria

Barabandha is a Panchayat where 80% of the population is tribal having no source of regular income. They do not have access to basic amenities like mosquito nets, and are left at the mercy of nature. The initiative from the local panchayat and Samaadhaan ensured that DDT spray was done after a long gap of 15 years in Kinipadar village in Barabandha. What a relief, hard for us to imagine.

Irrigation for Prosperity

Dry fields and irregular rains were destroying the crops in Balisinga village. With no alternatives of livelihood, the farmers worked with the government and Samaadhaan to bring an irrigation canal to their village. The outcome changed the lives of the farmers forever. Perencho Main canal No.1 construction work of Gopinathpur to Salepada canal in Balisinga GP was constructed and serves the residents of Balisinga.

A Nirmal Graam Created by Villagers

Nagjhari village did not have any toilets. Open defacation was causing an alarming increase in diseases, when the villagers came together with Samaadhaan to build toilets. The Nirmal Bharat Jojana Scheme was brought into Nagjhari village that now has multiple toilets.

When the pipes went dry for 6 months

Muding Gram Panchayat in M.Rampur Block is 75 kilometers from district headquarters of Kalahandi. For some reason, the already drought ridden villages had not received water supply (through pipeline) for almost six months. All calls went in vain despite repeated requests to the government regarding the issue.

The villagers then learnt about the Samaadhaan Platform from a lead volunteer, Mr. Tankadhar Bagarty. The villagers gave a try to Samaadhaan and used it sent a message (on 18th of April 2014). The authorities then used the same platform to inform the villagers where the problem actually is. An electric transformer was damaged and since the electricity cables to M. Rampur block ran through another block (Norla Block) nobody was aware of who was to pay the bills(which amounted to Rs. 90000). The concerned department did not get a complaint about the faulty transformer and hence no repair work was undertaken. There was no coordination between the concerned departments of both blocks. The actual problem, which was now identified, alerted higher authorities take actions to bring more coordination among the departments. The water supply problem was then resolved benefitting 4000 people from three villages.

Quick resolution to simple problems

The farmers of Saidalanga panchayat in M.Rampur block mostly depend upon Utei canal for their second crop. There are four distributary irrigation canals in this Panchayat (group of village blocks) which provides water from the main canal. Around 300 farmers of from three villages depend upon Kendubandh distributary canal. A problem aroused when the canal was infested with weedy grass growth blocking water supply to the the farms. Farmers approached the authorities to resolve the issue as it was affecting their livelihood. People used Samaadhaan to send a complaint (as SMS on 5th July). The skeptical villagers were surprised to see that within 10 days, the problem was resolved and water would now flow to their farms. The citizens praised the Collector and District Magistrate for the initiative.

One woman's step helps all women

Saudamini Sahu of Palam village in Norla block had a normal baby delivered in Kesinga hospital. She had registered herself in the AWC and was supposed to receive immunization and other disease prevention facilities from the government. When the pregnant mother did not get a mosquito net which is a necessity in the region, she sent a message (SMS) to the collector through the Samaadhaan Platform. Within days every woman in the hospital received every care they were entitled to. Saudamini now influenced others to use Samaadhaan for grievance redressal.

Integrated Child Development Services Rights Asserted and Acknowledged

Madedani, is a small hamlet of Ghodapokhari village  in Muding Gram Panchayat in M.Rampur Block. It is around 2 kms from the main village Ghodapokhari. Senior citizens, pregnant women and children from Madedani who are the beneficiaries of Integrated Child Development Services were not benefitting the government’s entitlement to cooked food scheme as the main village was too far to walk. Jagadish Majhi conveyed the message to the Panchayat(village head) about the problem when his wife was pregnant. He later sent an SMS to the district collecter through Samaadhaan and in a month things changed. Madedani now came under Durladani AWC as the main village, which is much closer to the people. Community members were happy with Jagadish’s efforts. He later acknowledged, “now we can solve any problem through Samaadhaan”.

Seeds of livelihood

The farmers in M.Rampur Block were facing a lot of problems as there was shortage of paddy seeds at the PACS (Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society). Some farmers came together and prepared an indent of seeds and sent to Samaadhaan Platform. Within a week Lalat, 1001 and Swarna variety seeds reached M.Rampur and the emergency situation was dealt with.

A shelter for the family

Bishnu Prasad Majhi is an adivasi(tribal) young man of Ainlapali village in Saidalanga Panchayat. His poverty made it hard for him to access even the government welfare services. He was applying for a house through IAY scheme and his attempts to get a good shelter for his family were failing. Bishnu Prasad sent a message to Samaadhaan regarding this irregularity. Within few days the higher officials went to his village and did an enquiry on the matter. They filled up the form and assured that he will be getting his house.

A dream of a school comes true

A good high school was a farfetched dream for the people of Urladani Panchayat. A school set up 10 years back was still running with local contribution and students from far off villages walked for miles every day to attend classes.

It was decided to have a hostel built and an application was sent to the government for sanctioning of a hostel building. The school committee then resorted to Samaadhaan as the application was pending for a long time in different offices. The school later received a letter from the government saying the hostel will be built.