Welcome to the Samaadhaan Blog

Hello! We are happy to announce that the Samaadhaan Blog is up and running from today. I am Pankaj and I would like to share stories from Samaadhaan, an initiative towards achieving better governance in the world through technology. This will be a journal full of our stories; stories that inspire us, experiences, reflections and learnings written by friends of Samaadhaan. We would love it if you share with us your views and inputs and join us in this journey of hope and passion.

Samaadhaan acts as an interface between the government and citizens through technology. The technology aims for flawless governance through participation. We make use of popular and existing communication methods like SMS, Social Networking sites, so that people belonging to remote locations and limited literacy can effectively voice their concerns through this citizen feedback  system.

Governance - I view it as a set of collaborative efforts from different stakeholders- the government, citizens, civil society and the political system . An engaged participation from all stakeholders  leads to greater accountability,  intelligent  decision making and superior governance. Our work in 3 districts in India and for Education department in  Mozambique confirms the assumption that technology can be a great enabler for making all of them work together. So far, we have positively impacted the education, public health, employment and agriculture sectors.

In our continuous effort to improve Samaadhaan, we welcome your feedback, thoughts and questions. Please leave a message to us on the blog or feel free to write to me at: pankaj@tangere.in.

About Samaadhaan: Samaadhaan started it’s journey as a citizen feedback initiative led by United Nations Millenium campaign with support of UNDP. Civil society partners namely Samarthan Centre for Development Support, Sehore and Bhopal and South Orissa Voluntary Organization (SOVA), Koraput and Seba Jagat, Kalahandi with program support from Voluntary Service Organization (VSO) India fronted the program in collaboration with respective District administrations. The program was technically supported by Tangere Infotech. Tangere is now leading the Samaadhaan initiative through partnerships with various interested bodies.